30 Years of Christmas: A Letter From Mary

30 Years of Christmas: A Letter From Mary

Time Flies When Your Having Fun!

30 Years of Christmas. That seems like a long time for some, but for me, it has flown by.  I vividly remember all of artisan-made Christmas creations for Mary Cates and Co.’s very first Open House.  A lot has changed since that first show, but what hasn’t changed is the excitement of it all.  From the moment the doors open to this year’s open house, I will begin thinking about the next Christmas Show.  At markets across the country, no stone goes unturned as we are on the hunt for what’s new and what’s next.  Sometimes, it’s just one single product that I find from an entire showroom full of product.  But, it’s that one thing that will work perfectly with the other beautiful items in the store.

A Walk In The Forest

Starting with the star of the holidays, the tree, we’ve added more species of fir, pine and spruce trees. From traditional green trees to flocked ones and our more modern, all-white tree, our selection has grown!  Also new this year are some really, beautiful slimmer styles.  I love using a pair of these slimmer trees to frame out an entryway – inside or out.  For areas that need just a touch of Christmas in a room, we have various smaller-sized trees that look fabulous with just the simple sparkle of lights. Along with the trees, don’t forget a special container to place them in!  We’ve got a larger selection of new styles along with our customer favorite classic ones.

Follow The Rainbow

I shop for ornaments that catch my eye and sometimes those ornaments turn out to be shatter-proof.  They’ve come a long way in terms of appeal and quality, so this year we have a larger variety of these durable options.  Mix them in with the original glass ones, and you’ll find it impossible to distinguish from one another.  I’ve expanded not only the variety of ornament styles but also the array to include many shades of the same color.  This color shading makes for a stunning cluster.  And, for those of you that haven’t noticed, we adorn our trees with clusters of 3-5 ornaments for a truly show-stopping Christmas tree.


Light Up The Night

For lighting up the holidays, I love our new snowball lights that add a unique sparkle to trees and garlands.  We love to add more glow to the existing tree lights with this unique light as well as our “new” classic twinkle and still lights.  This variety of lighting really does add a glamourous dimension and I subscribe to the thought that you simply cannot overdo lights on your Christmas tree!

Uncover A Treasure

Alongside our more elaborate, hand-made mixed garlands and arrangements, we’ve added a third, green faux magnolia to our existing lush green cedar and gold magnolia varieties.  Additionally, I’ve brought in more unique holiday picks and sprays, including new icy succulents to pop in your existing succulent arrangements or to create an entirely new wintery centerpiece look.  Finally, we’ve added more varieties of our tabletop favorites!  From new saturated jewel tone glass trees (in limited quantity) to our fabulous bottle brush trees in more new colors, we’re decked out with so many decorations.  More stockings, tree skirts, votives, our artisan-made Santas and so much more await!

A Trip To Remember

It’s all about 30 years of perfecting my idea of the perfect holiday season.  A labor of love and excitement, a tremendous amount of hard work by my talented staff and the look of amazement on the faces of our loyal and new customers is the driving force of our Christmas Open House.  I can’t wait to show you what I think is the best selection of Christmas in Dallas!

See you soon!